Reading List #11

The Kingdom at Hand

C U L T U R E  Keeper has not presented a reading list in quite some time... but here are  a few gems I  could no longer keep to myself:

1 //  Now and then I stumble across somethings that takes my breath away. That is exactly what happened when I first saw The Kingdom at Hand. To say that it is the most beautiful collection of images I have ever seen would be a terrific understatement.This blog is also a fantastic example of great curation. The collages on this page are from this beautiful site.

2 // Piter Blog is a Spanish fashion blog with a new logo I  absolutely love, and photos that are always beautiful and fresh. 

3 // Of course you are already reading L'Insolent Magazine but I  figured we would remind you anyway. Have you seen their latest issue? It features some great styling by Editor Francois Castrillo, and an editorial by up-and-coming photographer Asna Diani

4 // My Belonging is another Men's style blog I like to read from time to time. I particularly enjoyed this recent look.

5 //  A Blog Named Scout is the charming creation of my (also) charming friend Jenn Elliott Blake. I cannot recommend it enough. Jenn is one of the most adventurous people I know, and her blog reflects that. Stay tuned for more about Jenn on CK in the future.

6 // This autumn I had the opportunity to collaborate with Denise of Home is Fun on a 5 day creative workshop for expatriate youth in Paris. It was great to work with her and get her insights into kids and activities and life abroad. Those are also the key topics of her wonderful blog! Home is Fun is a collection of essays and ideas to help spice up your kids' lives and enjoy the process. 

Jonathan Randall Grant
Culture Keeper