When Silence Becomes Impossible: Toward an Ethic of Human Decency

Editor’s Note on behalf of the Culture Keeper team.


While we hadn’t planned to post new content in August, in order to give us time to prepare fresh articles to kick off the fall edition of Culture Keeper, the recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the conversation they have set off have prompted us out of our planned quietness.

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En Vacances

In solidarity with our friends in Europe where lots of shops and restaurants close completely for one or two weeks or even
for the whole month, we are taking a little break here at Culture Keeper during the month of August. We will return in full force in September with regular content. 

We've got good things in store, so do hurry back to us after summer vacation says goodbye! Watch our Facebook page 
for updates!

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Black Bikers & the Old Stereotypes They’re Dismantling


It’s motorcycle season here in the Northern Hemisphere! When you think of biker culture, what images come to mind? Dive with us into a group of photographs that may upend your imagination’s current mental pictures.

The image of the biker as established by documentary photographer Danny Lyon in The Bikeriders, his seminal 1968 book of interviews and photographs gleaned through New Journalism-style immersion, marked a particular moment in American history and helped create the biker stereotype. But it didn’t leave space for the black biker, 

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Far-Away Family


Pull up a chair and lean in as new Culture Keeper contributor Scott Will introduces us to family members you’ll wish you could know too.

I knew it would be hard. I had started preparing my heart and mind nearly one year before the day arrived. And when it did arrive, I knew it was time, and felt great peace with my decision, but I also longed for those last few moments to linger on and on. I stepped up to the six-passenger plane, like numerous times before when I had left for short stretches, but this time I felt the weight of the finality of it all.

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Havana Is not ‘the City Stuck in Time’


Rather, it’s a city stretching forward, according to Culture Keeper contributor Roshanda Cummings.

Close your web browsers and your guidebooks. Erase your search history. Forget everything you’ve heard about Cuba and what you assume has happened to it as relations have begun to warm between America and this neighboring island nation.

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