In The Forest With Friends


E V E R Y year a few creative friends and I gather at a monastery in the forest to talk about what we have been working on, to read, to be among trees, and to catch up on each other's lives. This year the retreat involved lots of sleep and cooking glorious meals together. Every evening we would gather round the table to debate and drink wine. These discussions were punctuated by dance breaks and night hikes around the lake. I was thrilled that my friend Calvin Walterhouse was able join us this year. Calvin currently lives in Brazil, so it is a rare occasion to see him. We talked endlessly about the surfboards he builds and about his life as a traveler and writer. I always find him inspiring. When I journeyed out into the woods one day with Ricky Cohete to take a few pictures we ran into Calvin... believe it or not- this is actually what he was wearing- so dapper for a hike! We had to include him.

Jonathan Randall Grant
Culture Keeper