Marais Style Adventures

All I packed for 3 months in Paris was black, grey, and olive green. This has made packing and dressing each day very easy. I can pick up any set of clothes off of the floor- and Voila! I have a matching outfit. It has also been an exercise in boredom. I never thought that I would miss my wardrobe as much as I do now. I am so bored! This has been both freeing and frustrating... but I only have a week and a half left in Paris.

On this particular day I headed out to explore the Marais with Mike and Megan Gilger and Michael Newsted. We wandered around, shopped a bit, and headed over to the Kilo Shop for some vintage thrifting. It was a beautiful day.

Today I got to premier one of my favorite new pieces- the piece that helped me stave off boredom and spice up my black/grey uniform. It is a bronze necklace from Burkina Faso, and I absolutely love it. I had gone to the Puce in search of a Grand Maasaii, but fell in love with this instead.

Be sure to check out Megan's style post for today on The Fresh Exchange cause she is definitely wearing leather leggings! ... and she rocks them!

Sweater- Gap
Bronze Necklace- Venuste D'Afrique
Feather Necklace- Erica Weiner
Turtle Necklace- I stole from my brother
Black Banker's Bag- Zara
Boots- Paladium

Jonathan Randall Grant
Culture Keeper