Together at Candelaria

D U R I N G  fashion week I went out for tacos with a few of my friends... they led me down a few twisting streets before we spied the lights and bustling atmosphere of Candelaria. That night it was crowded with fashion-types. Extremely crowded, in the way that says- this is the hippest place you could possibly be right now. And it was. The allure of Candelaria was its simplicity. only a few items on the menu- all fresh and served to you at the small bar or the one wooden table the tiny restaurant affords. They even had a bouncer to keep things moving. There food was so fantastic we vowed to come back during daylight hours- when we could actually sit down to enjoy the rough atmosphere. 

Having so many fabulous friends in Paris right now it seemed the perfect time to re-visit. Michael Newsted was on hand to capture the ambiance, and together we tried everything they offered. It was fantastic- we had the entire place to ourselves at 2 in the afternoon- and even got to explore the hip-but-modest bar in the back. I highly recommend Candelaria.

 Jonthan Randall Grant
Culture Keeper