Summer Wanderings

This summer (as is the new usual) Michael Newsted and I went off on an adventure around Northern Michigan. We were on assignment to gather images for Clyde Oak, and write a story for Hello Mr. Magazine, but we did manage a few detours.

Michigan is really the most fabulous place to spend the summer. It is the perfect climate for beaches and bonfires, for sailing and for cozy, rainy days. When I am in Paris or Chicago I am content- until it gets warm. In the Summer  I crave bare feet, running through the forest, and swimming at least twice a day. 

Traveling with Michael is fantastic, because he brings such a positive energy to everything he does. Everyone is his friend. Every new place is a blank map ready for exploration. Every day is filled with picnics, and music. 

This post features a behind-the-scenes look at our shenanigans off set. It also highlights a few aspects that make Michigan Summer wanderings so delightful.



(with Bryan Dale)

-Lake House- 


All of these images are courtesy of Michael Newsted, who will be writing and posting about these adventures as well. In the coming weeks, we will also be sharing the poloroids he captured for our commissions. Be sure to check out his inspired photography.

Jonathan Randall Grant


Culture Keeper