Reading List #9

+ Le Portillon Blog is freaking adorable (images above)

+ Blogging + Teamwork = the 3x3x365 blog. I'm loving what's going on there.

+ Having fun with Grant's Manly Nine- on The Fresh Exchange

+ This article kind of rocked my world. I knew a bunch about the various tunnel systems below Paris but this is about the UX- a group who use the tunnels and secret spaces to covertly restore Paris' national treatures. AMAZING. Thanks to Ashleigh Graves-Roesler for finding this.

+ If you are in any way involved with Pinterest you should read this Recent Post, it has Megan Gilger re-thinking her use of the site- and perhaps it should have us er-thinking too. I love pinterest- but this makes me feel kind of dirty.

+ I am enjoying Elliot's sarcastic take on fashion