Capitol Style

This Winter I took a few months to road-trip around the South. The great bulk of this adventure was spend under the hospitable care of Mike and Megan Gilger in Raleigh, North Carolina. Even with busy days of collaborating and blogging, I found time to explore some of the forgotten and quiet corners of this creative and relatively sleepy city. 

It is no secret to my friends that I have a profound affinity for Greek Revival Architecture... especially of the Southern/Jeffersonian variety. There is something grand and yet accessible about this iteration of the genre. (later versions can be busy and contrived). So after years of admiring it from the exterior, I ventured into the North Carolina State Capitol building. IT BLEW MY MIND. The gorgeous subtlety of the colors, the perfect proportions... and the fact that it is almost always open, and frequently empty... it quickly became my quiet haven of peace. 

Definitely visit if you have the opportunity. I have included way too many images in this post... not because my outfit is so amazing... but rather because Rachel Berbec captured some amazing images of the space (in which I happen to be). I hope you will forgive my vanity and enjoy a little peek into one of America's great architectural treasures. 

Jonathan Randall Grant   //  Culture Keeper