What We Wore - Paris Fashion Week

You might have noticed in previous posts... but Olivia Deters and I did not dress (extremely) crazy for Paris Fashion Week this year. We kept our outfits simple and discrete. Of course this was tempered with a black clutch, turban, and fur collar (for me) and bright red lips, turban, and bone jewelry (for Olivia). Our idea of dressing for fashion week is mostly centered around comfort, with a nod towards conformity. Paris is a stylistically conservative city- even during fashion week... the idea is to dress well, and let the runways do the talking. I suppose it is different if you aim to be photographed in the Tuilleries... but we were there for the experience. This post has our looks from the last day of Fashion Week... but you can scroll back through the blog for others. 

Jonathan Randall Grant  //  Culture Keeper