Très Petit - My Parisian Apartment

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Common Table Co. about my life and work as a writer and artist in Paris. (you can read the interview HERE) To accompany the feature Bradley Leach captured some pictures of my tiny space. Especially of note is the wee gnome who has made many appearances on my Instagram feed

This apartment has been a haven of rest and solitude for me over the past three months. It is extremely small... but was situated in a neighborhood that I used to visit only for church or work, and had never really known intimately. Rue Cler is a quiet neighborhood but is getting hipper by the minute. It has proved the perfect area to work in cafes and practice my french. 

PLACE is a powerful concept to a nomad. The ideas of belonging and stability are so vital, to our sanity and well-being. I very much enjoyed my time here. Now I am back on the road again... London, New York, South Bend, Chicago... and then... who knows? I am constantly back to Paris, the city that is my home now... but adventures (and work projects) keep calling me elsewhere. 

Culture Keeper // Jonathan Randall Grant