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Paris City Guide (updated)

Paris City Guide (updated)


It is an act of courageous vulnerability to share a Paris city guide. This guide is as much a confession as a resource. No matter what places are shared, I am sure to get a few Parisian friends who think to themselves: "There is no way I would be seen there, dead or alive!... Of course it was okay to be seen there a few weeks ago, but we don't go there now." 

South Bend + Mishawaka City Guide

South Bend + Mishawaka          City Guide

For the past few months, Culture Keeper's founder and creative director has been full of so much enthusiasm about all the good things that are happening in his hometown. We decided it was time for him to spread that love beyond Facebook. So here in a special two-part article are some of the vibrant things happening in an Indiana town that doesn't make the headlines all too often. Culture Keeper readers, read on and then think of letting us know what's great about your hometown!