SIXTY - A Collaboration In Several Parts

Sooooooo.... I have long been inspired by French New Wave films. They portray an aesthetic to which I feel very connected. When I met Capucine Fachot we decided that we needed to make something together, and discovered that we shared the same taste in film... so this project was born. Capu and I connected over Instagram, and she swiftly stole my heart with her kindness and sense of adventures. I had also just met Bradley Leach, a brilliant photographer from Idaho, who was in Paris for a few months. Juan Paris let me borrow an amazing outfit of clothes (I am still obsessed with this camel coat)... and .... We frolicked around the 7th and 6th arr... while Bradley snapped pics. These too have a fun, carefree vibe- so the day was a blast. Afterwords Capu added subtitles to Brad's images... and the result you can see here. Voila! Our little, collaborative adventure. 

Jonathan Randall Grant  //  Culture Keeper