About A Bag

Because I am always traveling I have to be specific with my possessions. A simpler lifestyle has helped me hone my style in a very minimal, versatile direction. This also makes each piece all the more precious. I don't really purchase new items without a lot of consideration and planning.

When I was in Chicago recently, my little black backpack fell apart. To be fair, I had acquired it for one dollar at a thrift store several years before... so its price per use was basically zero... and it was only meant to be temporary until I could find a well-crafted substantial black backpack. Its self-destruction while I was on the road meant that an immediate replacement was necessary. Help came in the form of Noah Zagor, whose Chicago shop Meyvn was nearby and stocked with rad supplies. He hooked me up with a Sandqvist bag which saved the day and helped me on my journey. (check out their collection). 

(( Bradley Leach captured these images recently in Paris, when we were out exploring )) 

In desiring to live simply, and in a manner that cares for the earth, I am learning to be specific in my choices... making sure that every item I own is essential in purpose and beautiful in form. Good luck to those of you who join me in this quest. 

Jonathan Randall Grant  //  Culture Keeper