Paris Fashion Week Roundup

It has been a while since Paris Fashion Week, but I wanted to give you a glimpse at three of three shows I attended. Each had a very different feel from the others, and among all of the shows I attended (7) these showcase my favorite collections. The photos here are by Olivia Deters, who accompanied me to all of these shows. She was a great companion and fashion-adventurer. 

My favorite show (why not start with the best?) was AVELON. We were seated in the courtyard of the Danish Ambassador's residence (on the front row I might add. YIKES). It did rain a bit, but the setting was gorgeous, as were the garments. Gerardo Larrea the editor of Skin magazine was with us, and the three of us basically were in awe the entire time. Here is a glimpse:

Here is the full Avelon show:

At the Luis Buchinho show we also ran into our friend Gerardo. The collection was fun and imaginative... pieces that I can totally picture my Sci-Fi - loving friend Hannahbird Fischer wearing, or incorporating into a dance piece. In reality, I have never seen women dress like this... but his show featured many beautiful colors, and I adore the world he brings to life. 

Here is the full show from Luis Buchinho:

The Springsioux exhibition was a smashing success. It brought together the worlds of fashion and technology in interesting (and lets admit- disturbing) ways, but with much imagination. First of all, let it be known that David Gevorkov's gowns are wonders to behold. I am sure from the images that you get some idea of the intensity of their construction. 

The event was hosted by Springsioux, a boutique and brand, with whom I had previously collaborated. I adore their unique style, and the kindness of the owners and staff, and was thus THRILLED to attend. Note the baby robots, and the odd piercings... this is not your usual fashion show... but there was a friendly and light-hearted atmosphere of creativity in the room... which was a welcome change from the usual fashion week fare. 

Olivia and I even made an appearance in the Video! 

Jonathan Randall Grant  //  Culture Keeper