Monday Culture + Inspiration

Here are a few finds that will brighten and fuel your week:

+ First of all... it is now possible to follow Culture Keeper on your Blog Lovin' Feed. If you don't have a blog reader yet... head on over to sign up. This site makes it handy to follow many blogs in one place... like reading the morning news. Check it out. 

+ There is a Norwegian reality series that places fashion bloggers in Cambodian sweatshops to see how they cope. The series is a stunning expose of exploitation and inequality. Read more HERE. This is huge and essential. 

+ I am ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED with this runway show from Burberry Prorsum. It has me stunned and mesmerized. If you only watch a section, (or if this is the first runway show you have ever seen, skip to (12:40)). There is something almost sacred (almost) about the way they set this up. Pure Magic:

+ My friend Wes Swan has me hooked on the amazing sounds of Angel Olsen. Particularly her album BURN YOUR FIRE FOR NO WITNESS. Listen here on Spotify. I am especially fond of her track High and Wild. Her sound can be a bit Jenny Lewis and a bit Velvet Underground. (that is a good thing). Check it out:

+ IN THE NEWS -  Archbishop Oscar Romero, who was was assassinated in 1980, for his activism and work with the poor, has officially been recognized as a martyr. This may not seem like anything fancy, but it is actually a huge step for Human Rights in the Catholic Church. Read (or listen) to more HERE

+ A few recent treasures from Pinterest (pictured here):

// The mesopotamian bull is from: Ancient Rome Refocused  // The Valentino dress is from // The portrait of Tilda Swinton is from: W Magazine // The interior photo of Peter Gabrielse's home, Le Chateau, is from: KOTOMI // The photo of Wojtek Czerski is by Michael Lepps // The beautiful brass bowls are from Her New Tribe // The fringed dress from Sean Kelly's runway show is from Zsa Zsa Bellagio's // 

Jonathan Randall Grant  //  Culture Keeper