Postcards From Istanbul

I am terrible at sending letters and postcards. Seriously. I have, over the years, all but given up on the activity of adult correspondence. I discovered, at various intervals, half-written letters, and never-mailed postcards up to 8 years old. Some with postage attached. 

This is a major faux pas in my family, where physical forms of communication are highly prized. For this reason, I will probably never be viewed as an accomplished adult. 

The solution that I hit upon years ago, was:
A) purchase many postcards during my travels
B) write a brief personal note about the trip
C) Hand it to the friend/family member in person

This has mitigated much familial responsibilities, and has kept the masses at bay. Problem solved. 

In April, while roaming the streets of Istanbul, i was able to do a bit better than my usual...

While grabbing a drink with a designer friend at Tezgah Kitapevi (a bar/boutique I highly recommend), I purchased a stack of vintage photos.  Later, while drinking some tea on the Bosphorus Ferry, I wrote a few notes and drew on them with a gold pen. 

Voila! work of art // postcard. My work was done. Correspondence and packable gift all in one. 

Do you have any Travel correspondence tricks you would like to share? All of us at Culture Keeper would love to hear!

Jonathan Randall Grant
Culture Keeper