The Voice of the New American Gardener

I am so pleased to be able to announce the launch of Clyde Oak. This is a brand that my friends have been developing for some time now- and it is exciting to see it fully sprouted. 

It is not often that I get to work with a company that is so uniquely American. Clyde Oak represents the "Voice of the New American Gardener"... and as such all of its products are locally sourced in North Carolina. It is cool to find a brand that cares about the same things I do- sustainability and community being pretty high up on my list of priorities. Styling for Clyde Oak was the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded people and to promote products that I genuinely believe in. It was also my first opportunity to style with Jenn Elliott Blake- which was in itself a delight. 

Clyde Oak is the creation of Corey Mason- a landscape architect with a vision to reclaim the garden from something corporate and wimpy- to something that smelled of earth and hard work. All of their tee shirts are made and dyed just a few miles from the North Carolina farm that grows their cotton. It is that kind of attention to detail, and honesty that sets Clyde Oak a part from ordinary garden supply companies. 

My friends Mike and Megan Gilger of Wild Measure helped craft the brand into the inspiring format you see here- and it was so much fun collaborating with them. To brand Clyde Oak they started with some inspirations that is also pretty dear to me- This song by Woody Gutherie and This poem by Wendell Barry were particularly formative to the brand. Check out the Clyde Oak promotion video

Clyde Oak is the kind of holistic company that encourages us to create something we believe in, and to work hard at our "four feet of freedom". It is that kind of ethos that, while I am not really the farming type, inspires me to work hard and dig in to whatever I do. I love this company and I loved working with this crew.

Jonathan Randall Grant
Culture Keeper