Off To Istanbul

Photo by Ricky Cohete
In a few days I will be leaving for Istanbul. Its crazy because for the past year that city has come up in conversation at least once a day. Totally serious. Something is drawing me there. Of course I am excited to see all the usual sites (though normally I abhor touristy things)... but mostly I am excited to meet all sorts of awesome people. I will be doing a few shoots for Culture Keeper, as well as interviewing designers... including the lovely ladies behind Cuyana. Best part of the trip? It has been my dream since childhood to visit the underground cities of Cappadocia.

Also new for this adventure: I will be leaving technology behind. No cell phone, no laptop, not even an electric shaver. Nothing. Mostly I am doing this just to prove to myself that I am still a human being and not some kind of robot-pawn-of-industry... and in part because I am attempting to travel with only a tiny carry-on bag. I also have this romantic idea: I want to travel in such a way that- should all my possessions be stolen- I would not even be slightly bothered. Just pick up and carry on. I am sure I would freak out a little bit- but getting a new passport seems a lot easier than getting a new computer at this point. So there. I want to be a bit more care-free. As a blogger this means that I will not be updating twitter, Facebook, or this site... for at least 10 days. An exercise in abstinence. All this being said- I will be traveling with a photographer- so brace yourselves for a barrage of posts following the trip.

Jonathan Ranall Grant
Culture Keeper