Kelley Jordan Heneveld - A Walk in the Woods

I spent a month in Paris and I hardly dare say it, so hear this in a just audible whisper... I was not very inspired. That feels just wrong to say! Paris, the city of my dreams; the experience that changed my life seven years ago; the place, food, language and style I long for when life becomes quiet. How could being there not touch every corner of my being? It baffled me.

Then time came to pack up and head to the countryside again. I'm supposed to be in Europe photographing farms, but I know that I haven't come to the right place. This isn't the kind of farm that I was hoping for. But I'm on a journey and if I've learned one thing over the years, it's this: listen and pay attention. So today I walked into the woods with a new friend and photographer. She wanted to show me a house in the woods, 

ma maison

, she calls it.

I part the out thrusting branches

and come in beneath

the blessed and the blessing trees.

Though I am silent

there is singing around me.

Though I am dark

there is vision around me.

Though I am heavy

there is flight around me.

(Woods by Wendell Berry)

Was it simply the walk through the woods, something so familiar and home to me; or my friend's spark and excitement to share her treasure with me? 

Je ne sais pas...

 But now I'm inspired.

Kelley is the photographer and voice behind

Farm Stories

, a project started in 2012 with the aim of connecting people with farmers who encourage healthy stewardship of our bodies, communities and earth. Though based in Indianapolis she travels world-wide to photograph farms. Her photography can also be seen


, and will be featured on Culture Keeper numerous times in the coming year. 

Kelley Jordan Heneveld


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