Behind the Scenes on The Fresh Exchange Shoot

This Winter I made my way back to Traverse City for a few shoots with Ricky Cohete and Mike and Megan Gilger. One blizzardy night we all trekked up to Corey Weber's studio in Bay Harbor to work with him on a few projects for The Fresh Exchange. The trip in itself was quite the adventure. As these things tend to do- the late night work plus music and pizza devolved into a dance party. I guess these pics are not really behind the scenes, but now and then we try to have fun with the camera as well. 

I love working with all of these talented creatives. They are pretty chill about their work- yet driven and specific in their goals and aesthetics. This shoot was a great mix of work and play.

You can see the results of the shoot on The Fresh Exchange. Stay tuned for more photo-work-turned-dance parties coming your way soon.

Jonathan Randall Grant
Culture Keeper