My most recent collaboration with Ricky Cohete for 

Dexter Magazine

 was a great opportunity to discover new designers and models in Miami. We called it La Banda, which means "The Gang" in Spainish and Italian... cause well, it actually felt like we were rolling around town with a really stylish crew. Here are a few of the talented folks who contributed to this shoot:

Photography / Art Direction- 

Ricky Cohete

Styling / Art Direction- 

Jonathan Randall Grant


Arlene Delgado

Models- Julio Lusav / Caroline Grillo / Maria Fernanda Cornejo  / Juan Franco / Annabel Gonzalez

Clothing provided by- 



Jesus Rohena

/ Carroll  Malloy / 

Velvet Horses


Haus Fashion Lab

Jewelry provided by- 



Daniella Kronfle

Shoes by 

Mia Shoes

Hats by 


Shot on location in Coral Gables, Florida

Special thanks to Mike and Diana Sheehan for hosting us,


Emilio Uribe

  for bringing us so many wonderful pieces.

Jonathan Randall Grant


Culture Keeper