In Miami...

I am currently in Miami with Ricky Cohete for yet another Dexter Magazine editorial. Each collaborative shoot is going smoother and stronger and is more fun than the last. Miami happens to be Ricky's stomping grounds- and although I never, ever planned to return to Florida- I have to admit that this city is pretty cool. Today he showed me around Wynwood- the neighborhood famous for its murals , hip coffee shops and sites for Art Basel. We had coffee at Panther and sauntered through the colorful streets. The next two weeks will be filled with Pulling for the Miami editorial, exploration, and a few beach days. Today is also Ash Wednesday, and it feels extremely odd to mix such a somber time of reflection with such a bright, exuberant town. I am used to remembering lent along with winter chill and cloudy days.

Jonathan Randall Grant
Culture Keeper