Home is a strange concept.

I have been thinking back to all of the places I have stayed this year- my parent's house in indiana, a friend's house in Northern Michigan, a Hotel in Puerto Rico, a myriad of apartments and hostels in Paris, a farmhouse in Limoges, a garden shed, a 4-star hotel.... and all sorts of places in between. I get asked daily where I "live"... I don't really know what to answer. Home is getting to be a bit more wherever I am at the present moment. I realized it the other day- after 24 hours in San Juan I felt at home- wandering the streets, sitting for coffee, meeting with friends... the more you travel the more your idea of home is revolutionized.

This summer I went back to traverse city for a few months. It was a good chance to recover from Paris. When I am not in Paris I desperately need trees, water, swimming, sailing, forests, and to not have to wear shoes. Traverse City has all of these things. My friend Joel Heady was kind enough to give me a room for the summer just a few blocks from the beach. His house was filled with antiques and surprises in a way that was magical. Michael Newsted visited and captured these images. They are a good reminder that, for now at least, I take "Home" with me.

Jonathan Randall Grant
Culture Keeper