Behind The Scenes: At The Shore With Olivia

Fashion editorials are not always as glamorous in real life as they appear in photos. The day we shot "At The Shore with Olivia Deters" was about 40 degrees, rainy and windy. Our model was nearly blue with the cold. After a few shots we would run back to the van and turn the heat on full-blast to warm her back up again. For many of the shots she was barefoot, but never once did she complain. Ricky, Joanna and I were lucky enough to be bundled up- but the mist and wind still got to us. In spite of the miserable weather we had fun, as these photos attest. I did not even realize till afterwards that Ricky was capturing all of the mayhem... 

To see the finished product, check out the actual shoot here

Jonathan Randall Grant
Culture Keeper