Holly Wren Spaulding For Culture Keeper: Style Sheet for Revising Your Life

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Feeling volcanic, red-hot rumblings inside? Change your look and change your life. Peel off old leaves and embark on the New Year with bold plans and some edits in your Department of Personal Style.

+ Color. Enough with the dull and slush hues. Even a single element rendered in exquisite color pleases the eye and makes you memorable amidst the sea of Ordinary, especially when attending interviews or
meeting clients for the first time. Black and neutrals are elegant, yes, but consider adding a spot of red, purple or brilliant green. Don’t be boring!

+ Little Details. Consider the impact of an elegantly proportioned hat, striking cocktail ring or hand-made bag. One need not have an extensive closet. Do as the Europeans do and focus on a very few, high quality basics (flattering jeans, nice fitting coat) and incorporate interesting accessories depending on the occasion and season.

+ Your Gaze. Be not deceived: what you’re paying attention to has everything to do with who you are in the world. The profile of a woman with her chin buried in her chest, eyes darting through texts is not her best, in most cases. Look up, gaze around, be beautifully present.

+ Walk . . . like a lady. Heels have their place but you will never convince me that limping down the street and not dancing at the DANCE PARTY is sexier than the alternatives. A graceful gait is always more attractive than a cruel, if gorgeous, stiletto. Wear shoes that show off your lovely posture. For that matter, wear something that allows you to go by bike. Now that’s lady-like (and more fun.)

+ Be Playful. It’s possible to take the art of dressing seriously and still retain some cheekiness. Think colorful sneakers with a suit or black dress. Think hi-low mix with artifacts from other eras and genres like gardening boots and work gloves. Or polka dot socks. Why not.

+ Smile. It's always beautiful/handsome/confident/inviting.

+ Manners. Be polite and helpful. Open doors for other people. Mind the public space when talking on the phone. Dial down your ringtone. Far from stodgy, manners are a simple way of ensuring everyone’s basic comfort. All the delicious clothes in the world will never exceed the gravitas of someone with civility and (a smile).

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Holly Wren Spaulding
Culture Keeper

Holly Wren Spaulding is a Personal Advisor with LIFE/form
and a poetry instructor living in western Massachusetts.