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Meet Natasha Tylee a.k.a Tasha! This super talented lady recently shot a fashion film featuring my brand- JaneMow. Imagine my surprise when this video landed in my inbox while on vacay! Yes…I was meant to be lying in the sun, sipping cocktails but I couldn’t resist to sneak a peak & plot my first post for CK. Check it out & read on as I try to pick her brains in a few short questions!

Best way to describe yourself in quick three lines?

I am an aspiring fashion videographer/photographer originally from the small farming town of Feilding, New Zealand. Currently residing in Brisbane, Australia, freelancing and working for FashionOne Television.

Thanks for featuring JaneMow in your fashion film! What was the
concept behind this film?

Originally I suggested the building in which the film was shot for a music video by one of my closest friends. The building itself is quite mysterious, a monsterous gloomy concrete and brick building, that
stands far back from a road in the middle of nowhere, a place called Halcombe. Through asking my father I found out that one of his best friends part-owned the building, which was very lucky as not many people can gain access to the building. Next thing I was being shown around the building, where I instantly fell in love with the untouched and sad beauty of the place. It was so untouched that there was actually a mummified cat leaning against one of the walls!! It is also one of the last standing freezing works of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere a reason that made me want to shoot it even more due to its unknown future, and lack of historic documentation. 
For the film I wanted to show as much of the building as possible. This lead me to come up with the concept of a girl being chased through the building. I didn't want the storyline to be too overwhelming as I am mainly a visual type of person. I also wanted whatever she was running away from to be unseen to add to the mystery of the film. 
I currently love everything dark and slightly sombre and I really wanted to use a designer who would portray this well. I had recently worked with JaneMow (you) for filming a behind the scenes
video on a shoot that you styled, learnt that you’re also a designer and loved your garments. So naturally I contacted you about featuring you in the video, and everything just fell into place from there.

You have an amazing eye for fashion film & photography! What made
you go into this?

Funnily enough I actually went to film school wanting to make documentaries to bring attention to global issues and make a difference. Somehow I was sucked into the complete opposite side of film, fashion. A side that was perhaps not respected quite so much at film school! I instantly loved it, I have always been very much a visual person, I often do not remember the plot of films I watch but instead remember things such as the color palette and camera movements. Recently I am starting to become more interested in the photography side of things. Most people start with photography then move onto film, but I always seem to do things in reverse order!

It's summer (here in New Zealand)! Tell us about your best summer? the best memories?

That's a tough one. I do have some very fond memories of growing up on my farm. We had a beautiful gully that wound its way through our farm that my sisters and I would get lost in and would ride our ponies through. There were so many cicadas that it was actually deafening. It also had glowworm caves and the giant red toadstools with white spots you would find in picture books. It was really quite magical being a child there, and I suppose it has led to my childlike imagination I still possess.

And to sign off....what are we to expect from Natasha Tylee in 2013?

Big things I hope! I really want to explore the photography side of things this year. I have a friend Talia Uamaki-Mu of Ven Beauty who is a brilliant makeup artist who I will be collaborating with alot on some more personal projects. Getting all paid work is not my priority at the moment, I really just want to do things that I love and grow as an artist. I'm thinking of studying photography part time, interning with a few photographers and doing lots of really unique photoshoots. I will keep the film side of things going as well, hopefully I can make a few lookbook films and film Australian Fashion Week. Whatever I do i'm sure i will have a great time!

You can see more of Tasha's work here... and follow her here

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