Collab with Ricky Cohete: Rock and Roll or the French New Wave.

A few weeks ago, The photographer Ricky Cohete convinced me to do a series of shoots with him. We had just completed a shoot for Dexter Magazine and were both keen to collaborate again. This is the first of those shoots. I was tired of the limited wardrobe I had brought to Paris- so Ricky let me pull from his closet. All three of the shoots pushed my boundaries aesthetically... but this is probably the most "my style". My aesthetic is very connected to the French New Wave... which shows in this shoot. Perhaps it is also a bit rock ... the result no doubt of too much Patti Smith and Velvet Underground of late. I love the clothing in this one- blue velvet blazer, grey skinny trousers, plaid vest, oxford shoes... they create a classic look.

Stay tuned for the next two shoots, as well as a collaboration with L'Insolent magazine I am excited to share. They have a new issue out, so do head over and check it out. 

Jonathan Randall Grant
Culture Keeper