Style Adventure: Meeting Garance

A few weeks ago my friend Pajie and I got to meet Garance Dore!! We went to hear her talk/mini fashion show at the Neiman's in Dallas, and got to speak with her after the event was over. She was as kind and warm as she seems in her writing and videos. I got to talk to her briefly in French which she seemed really excited about! I was the first French person she had met in Texas so far. She was very disappointed that we missed her interview at SMU the day before. She said she's fallen in love with Texas and wants to come back.
We felt a little out of place with the oh-so-fashionable crowd we were sitting with. But we both wore grey and black (I had on my new black loafers, which she commented on :)), so we blended right in. It was a lot of fun!
...And here is the picture we took with her.... She is beautiful of course and we both look absolutely horrible next to her. We were both running on very little sleep and had just come from a long day at school. Fake smiles, droopy eyes and terrible lighting! But we got a picture so that's all that matters.

Here is a vintage Culture Keeper post feat. Garance... and here is a link to her blog
Also: check out this adorable video she made for Petit Bateau.

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