Paris Preview

O V E R  the past few weeks Ricky Cohete- the photographer behind Dexter Magazine was kind enough to do a few shoots for me. The pic above is a preview of one of the shoots- which I will be posting over the next few weeks. It was great fun to work together... and of course we will be collaborating even more in the future. As I am back in the States for a few months, I will be taking this time to catch up on some blogging. as well as some writing work for a few magazines. (stay tuned to L'Insolent Mag) I will also be hosting a few workshops and retreats and painting in the forest. This week I am headed to Saint Louis, Mo... so if you are nearby and want to collaborate or need some style advice feel free to hit me up. In the mean time- I want to know what Style Adventures all of you are having! I want to hear stories!

Jonathan Randall Grant
Culture Keeper