In The Forest With Megan

O N A  rather drippy day this summer, three friends gathered to plot and dream out a photo-shoot. We wanted something that evoked adventure, was natural, but was also stylish. We pawed through Megan's closet until we found something that would really pop- a 1960's inspired dress that we layered a printed skirt under to relax it a bit. We gathered up umbrellas jackets and wellies, and headed out into the forest behind Megan's Michigan home. This is what we came up with...

Megan Gilger and Michael Newsted might be my two favorite people to collaborate with. For starters- although, like most creatives we bat around hundreds of dreams and ideas together- these two actually get around to some of them. That is rad. They are also super-fun to be with and are talented at what they create. Both of them are contributors to Culture Keeper so it is only natural for all of us to work together. Perhaps style and adventure are the two themes of this blog because they are also the themes of my life- and the lives of my friends? We pondered and chatted as we pushed through the lower boughs and over crunchy needles. 

 Megan posted these pics on her blog: The Fresh Exchange- so check out her version of the story.

I know that I have mentioned it before- but I cannot get over the raw quality of Michael's photos. I am constantly in awe. He captures life in such a beautiful way. This coupled with Megan's growing ease in front of the camera, made the afternoon a blast.

In other news these two will be joining me in Paris in one week! I am beyond excited. Megan and I will be working on a promotional video for our alma mater- Asbury University. This school will be opening a campus in Paris in a few years and we are honored to be a part of that process. Michael and I will be photographing the forthcoming collection from Jane Mow... perhaps you've heard of her? so stay tuned for more adventures and more mischief.

I cannot wait to collaborate further, and to share my favorite places with them.

Jonathan Randall Grant
Culture Keeper