Brand On The Rise: SANDRO

F O R  S O M E O N E  who works with clothing- I am too often bored by clothes. Rarely do I find a piece that inspires me- let alone an entire line. So when I discovered Sandro I was quite taken aback. Not only did I like their entire collection- but I found their work inspiring. I would wear absolutely every piece in Sandro's Fall / Winter collection- and as I am quite picky- that is actually the highest compliment I can give them.

The primary aspect that struck me about their line is how well it covers a variety of styles- yet remains consistent and cohesive. I have NEVER found that in a line before. I myself live in two places- dividing my time between northern Michigan and Paris. I am always searching for a brand that sums up my style- looking for clothing that I can wear in both worlds. That is what I have discovered in Sandro. I could wear their men's line just as easily in the michigan woods or the streets of Grand Rapids as I could in the back alleys and Paris fashion shows.

As for service they are rarely outshone- their Paris shops are staffed with super-helpful and friendly types, who are always ready to point out their favorite pieces. The quality of the clothing itself is phenomenal. I am mesmerized by this brand- as though I had found myself in a clothing line as one would see their reflection in a mirror. Accessible yet chic, the city and the country, two worlds combined. Check out their Men's Lookbook.

 Jonathan Randall Grant
Culture Keeper