Bastille Style Adventures

F I R S T step: get ready for the day. 

For this style-adventure I wore: Sweater by Ben Sherman, Belt by Joe's Jeans, Vintage Military Trousers, Loafers by Cole Haan, and a silver/leather bracelet designed and given to me by Ursul Paris (more of their work to come!) 

A F E W  days ago Mike, Megan and I headed out from our little apartment at Alexandre Dumas. We walked to Nation, bought a few macaroons, and ate them while sitting by an enormous statue and discussing the history of the French State. Then we wandered over to Bastille- exploring alleys and side streets along the way. When we got to Bastille we sat down in a popular cafe just as it started to rain. While we drank coffee and enjoyed the rain, we commented on the various styles of the people hurrying by. It was a lovely, lovely way to spend a day... and a very stylish adventure. 


Mike Gilger is the photographer responsible for all of these wonderful images... his wife Megan is the blogger who dreamed this shoot up. Head over to her blog- The Fresh Exchange to see how she described our day.

Jonathan Randall Grant
Culture Keeper