Together at Joli Deli

I love hosting photo-shoots that merge real-life-fun with helping friends. I also love showing off my favorite things and places... so when a family friend opened up the cutest little deli I had ever seen- I simply had to gather fiends for a shoot...

Joli Deli is the cutest spot in Paris for lunch with friends or coffee with wifi. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots in Paris. I love that it is in a great neighborhood- but tucked away down a quiet street. I love that in a cafe- when you feel like you have it all to yourself. 

We gathered for lunch around two-thirty in the afternoon; our tiny group of ex-pats. Not my normal crowd, but all people I adore. Michelle and Kevin who have just moved to Paris. Ilinca from Romania who has been here for quite a few years. My friend Peggy and her daughter Lucie who have been in Paris most of their lives. The day was grey and threatened rain- but we sat inside and listened to the mixture of latin music and old standards that played overhead. We enjoyed simple carafes of water, simple salads, and simple, tasty sandwiches... along with cheesecake, coffee and key-lime pie.

 My new friends Andrew Nicodem and Ryan Gilles were also on hand to photograph the lunch. I think their photos are stunning- which is why I am so excited to share them with you! Andrew and Ryan are currently on a round-the-world documentary trip. Be sure to check out their blog:

Naming The World


 You can find Joli Deli on


, and at 1 Rue Borda ... Metro: Arts et Metiers

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