Paris Fashion Week #2

AT 6 P M  I met my friend Asna near the St. Paul metro. It was pouring rain. The air was chilled. We huddled under a canopy for a while drinking tea... She was very casual about the fact that we were heading to a show at Paris Fashion Week. I was talking excitedly. As an editor for L'Insolent Magazine Asna gets invited to TONS of shows- and she was kind enough to ask me to join her for the evening.

Soggy yet enthusiastic we made our way to the Peachoo + Krejberg show. It was held in a brightly lit warehouse. Everyone stood in line in the rain and chatted politely. Inside there was champagne and dripping umbrellas and laughter. Asna and I sat next two an older lady who was a buyer for a shop in California. Throughout the show the lady explained the fabric choices and provided insight into the collection and the designers behind it. Afterwords she introduced me to a lebanese jewelry designer she thought I should know.

The collection was fantastic. white. black. silver... lace. chiffon. beadwork. It was elegant, had a bit of an edge, yet still managed to convince me that it could be worn by real women. I am still not sure about the "ribcage" vest... perhaps I'll need to see it worn in daily life before I'll be convinced. What struck me most about the experience was that everyone was so chill. No-uppity-ness, everyone was friendly, and no one seemed to care how much money one spent on one's clothes. The mood was a celebration of creativity.

This was my first "real" runway show... quite the good time ... but there is more. 
My adventures at Paris Fashion Week continue...

Jonathan Randall Grant
Culture Keeper