Mae by Night

I T I S  a rare thing, in any profession, to achieve in the end exactly that which was desired. This shoot was that rare thing. When Michael Newsted and I talked about what we wanted the shoot to look like- this is what we envisioned- to the smallest detail. We wanted the shoot to center around a 1960's, collegiate, slightly-innocent-but-also-probably-not-recommendable girl. We were really pleased with Mae's performance. she totally took on that role. Not only that but the shoot was a blast. Start-to-finish my favorite shoot in my career thus far.


In case you missed the first installment here is Mae by Day.

Model: Mae Laubhan
Photography: Michael Newsted
Styling: Jonathan Randall Grant
Makeup: Bethany Sluiter

Jonathan Randall Grant
Michael Newsted
Culture Keeper