Impulse Art

LE VASE ORANGE by Fernand Leger
I A M  not an impulse shopper. When I make a purchase it is after visiting the item several times, and thinking about the it constantly. On my last trip to Paris I visited one of my favorite galleries- Galerie Des Modernes. I love this gallery because when I arrive they treat me as a student and tell me the history and interesting facts behind each work of art. On my first visit in four years, I fell in LOVE. I returned several times that month to visit the painting that I was sure would be gone any day. What a huge surprise to discover yesterday that it is still there! I listened intently as they told me once more about the beautiful still-life by Fernand Leger. Only one owner. Only exhibited once. I know it would be too flashy for my lifestyle. I don't want to own artwork as a status symbol- not to mention the chance of being accidentally destroyed by an over-enthusiastic dance move. I still love to imagine it as the stunning feature of my future left-bank apartment- surrounded by friends and stacks of old books.

Jonathan Randall Grant
Culture Keeper