Grant Hits Paris Fashion Week

Behind the scenes at Emporio Armani

T O D A Y  I went to the Oratoire du Louvre for the Jean-Charles Castlebajac show. I prepped myself the entire way...

"I will go to the guard at the door, I will politely announce my name and reason for being there. I will tell him that I do not have an invitation, but could he kindly let me stand in the back."This is what I had been advised to do. I had already emailed the press manager. If that failed I would just lurk outside and take photos of the well-dressed attendees. I was ready. I was braced. Nerves were calmed. 

... As I strode up I noticed some youths loafing on the steps. There was no bustle. There was no fashion-fervor. All was calm. ... the realization gradually sunk in... I was a week early. This would have been daunting perhaps to a normal person- but realizing that all the shows I planned to attend were a week away, gave me the slight glimmer of hope that even though newbie bloggers NEVER get invites, perhaps I could yet be the exception.

Experiencing Fashion Week, is to me, more about having a grand and stylish adventure then about fashion. I want to experience, photograph, and discover new collections- but I also want to give you all a peak into that world. I won't be taking pictures obsessively, but perhaps a moment or two to share with you.

Jonathan Randall Grant
Culture Keeper