Mae by Day

A f t e r  the successful venture of the Lake House shoot in June, Michael Newsted and I were eager to collaborate with other friends. On a visit to Grand Rapids we were sitting on a porch with our friends Bethany Sluiter and Mae Laubhan. Someone pulled out a magazine and we spent about an hour pointing out what we liked and disliked in each photo-spread. One thing led to another... a few hours later we were digging through a pile of clothes and back-combing Mae's hair to get more volume.

Mae is a brilliant photographer, but we really had no idea how amazing she would be as a model. She really transformed. In person, she is sweet and charming, but in front of the camera she gained an entirely new energy. Watching as she developed this really powerful and dynamic persona was rather electric.

It was the first time all four of us had collaborated together, and if measured solely on the amount of enjoyment, it was a grand success. Here is part one: Mae by Day...

Model: Mae Laubhan
Photographer: Michael Newsted
Stylist: Jonathan Randall Grant
Makeup: Bethany Sluiter

Joanna Perry of The Soil and The Sun was gracious enough to lend us her cute little house in the Eastown neighborhood.

Jonathan Randall Grant
Culture Keeper