Lake House

E A R L I E R  this summer Michael Newsted called to say "get over to my lake house and let's have a photoshoot!" As it is my policy to never turn down such an offer, I threw some things in a bag and hopped in my car. Well, by "my" car I mean a borrowed van that my father lent me for the few weeks I've been back in the States. I made my way to M's charming cottage, and we set off with his camera in tow. That began 5 days of adventure, parties, swimming, farmer's markets, breakfast smoothies, and music festivals. Northern Michigan in the summertime can be the most enchanting place on earth. Here are a few of the pics from the photo-shoot that jump-started my summer.

The pier shots were taken in Frankfort, Michigan and the shots below were at M's lake house. As we strolled through town and down to the water we kept on running into friends- so the lighting we had hoped for was long-gone by the time we reached the lighthouse. I love the lighting we ended up with. It is dark, and moody. This photo-shoot marks, to my mind, and to the minds of many others, a shift in M's photography. He has evolved to this new place of heightened perception. I appreciate his work more each shoot.

As a regular contributor to Culture Keeper, Michael Newsted will be presenting a series of photo spreads featuring the living spaces of our creative friends. He will also be featuring various photo-projects and our recent collaborations with Mae Laubhan and Megan Gilger.

Jonathan Randall Grant
Culture Keeper