On Paris

Some days I hate it when other people love Paris, but most days I hate it when people hate Paris. I mean to say that most people love Paris for the wrong reasons- or rather they love some fake version of what they think Paris is. When people dislike Paris it is generally because they are awkward and should never have visited without the proper communication skills.

Why your reasons for loving Paris suck:

+ You visited the Eiffel tower, ate a crepe, and took pictures of the Mona Lisa... suddenly you feel irrevocably smitten with Paris. Lies. That is not love, that is lust. You want more of the beauty and leisure. Not that I am an expert on Paris- but get a grip. seriously. Your overly-romanticized vision of Paris is wonderful, but it is so cute and naive that it makes me vomit a little.

+ Paris is of course all of the wonderful things that people say it is- but it is so much more. Paris is gritty and modern and real. I would actually say the same thing about any city: "If you don't want to get to know the real thing, all of the uncomfortable bits, please just stay at home."

Why your reasons for hating Paris suck:

+ Parisians are some of the nicest, most helpful, friendliest people on earth. If your experience differs then it is either because 1) You did not take the time to approach them respectfully aware of their cultural rules and values, or 2) you suck and being a nice person. Either way your experience of Paris is on you. Don't blame the French if you are cranky. Traveling takes effort, being conscientious when you are tired and hungry takes effort. Don't go to Paris if you can't handle that. 

+ Paris is not Disney World. It does not exist simply for your enjoyment and pleasure. It is a place where people go about their daily life. You are interrupting that. In some countries people need your money and will treat you however you want to get it. Try one of those.

+ Think about what you say. Nine out of ten American comments on this subject are hearsay. If you make sweeping generalizations about my favorite place in the world- I will expose you as a fool in public.

Please forgive this little rant. It was motivated by an overheard conversation which I politely ignored. All too often I am confronted by negative or overly twee impressions of Paris. let's combat ignorance.

 Image Source: Rooftops, Kiss