On Adventure

Hemingway- on travel and passion:

"The way to do is for as long as you give against as long as there is such and such a love. Just as the way to paint is as long as there is you and colors and canvas, and to write as long as you can live and there is pencil and paper to do it with, or anything you care to write about. And you feel a fool, and you are a fool to do it any other way. But here we are, now, caught by time, by the season, and the running out of money."

 Lately I have been thinking about travel and adventure. A few weeks ago my friend James Donaldson made me a new personal logo (which I adore) and it started a tidal wave of thoughts. The logo is focused on travel and adventure- it reminded me that for a good deal of my life (namely elementary school through quite recently) travel and adventure formed a huge part of my identity. Somewhere along the road I have forgotten that. It has been 3 years since I have left the States- the longest travel gap since my family first packed our duffel bags for the Fiji Islands in 1993. I'm also preparing to return to Paris for a while (more on that soon). For now I will be content to wander wherever life takes me and to build my identity in more concrete, lasting directions.

My friend Bryan once recommended having a mini-adventure every day... and for the past year that is how I have been operating. I don't need grand, dangerous adventures, although I crave them. Mini ones- that's where its at. My current adventure is visiting friends and clients in Northern Michigan, which is one of the most gorgeous places in the world. Every day can have mini-adventures. Yesterday my friend Topher and I walked around a lake in the pouring rain. Today I am plotting with Megan Gilger in her studio and playing with her pups. ....Tomorrow?

Image sources: Wander, Logo, Pups