Lapel? Check

Culture Keeper guest blogger, Spencer McQueen (yup that's his real name) shares a bit of his sartorial wisdom. Keep your eye out for more articles from this northern savant.

"When it comes to choosing a type of suit that works best for you, you usually concern yourself with the way it fits more than anything. This of course is very important. So kindly decline when your grandfather offers his 46 long jacket to you when you're a 36 regular. Something that should also be on your radar is the lapel.

The lapel can symbolize the formal or casualness of your suit, and you don't want to feel out of place, like you did in 3rd grade when you were invited to a costume party at your friends house, but you end up being the only one who showed up in a full spiderman suit, with working web shooters that your parents had to go to three different stores to find. You remember? Of course you do.

So do your parents.

The first is the peaked lapel. The lapel that is known to be the most formal. This style was very popular back in the twenties and thirties, and has been coming back for quite some time in a big way. Designers such as Tom Ford have been putting their own spin on this. Increasing the width and two-toning top and bottom. If you're looking for an example of what I mean, look no further than the manager of brand promotion for Fiat Automotive; Lapo Elkann. Nephew of fashionista and industrialist Gianni Agnelli, the man knows how to wear a suit. Enough said.

 Second is the Shawl Lapel. A full curve, no notch collar. Known to be part of tuxedos, dressed with a bow tie and a crisp white shirt. A timeless classic. Seeing being worn by such icons as Sean Connery in James Bond. Shawl lapels are usually made using a different material such as satin to give in that extra hint of sophistication. 

Lastly is the notch Lapel (or step lapel)
The the standard on single breasted suit jackets. The one everyone knows and is the most frequently used in all forms of blazers, sport coats, or suit jackets. This is a look that has been made to be a staple for companies like J. Crew and their Ludlow Jacket. The notch lapel is truly the most versatile of all three and can come very slim or widened for a more formal look.

In the end the choice is up to you. It all depends on preference of the wearer. So the next time you're in the market for a suit, keep in mind these different looks. One of them will give you that edge you may be looking for."

-Spencer McQueen

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