The Style of Blake Jacobson

Blake Jacobson is a Midwestern boy-turned So Cal dweller who is currently rocking the fashion blog-o-sphere. With a style that is famously monochromatic, Blake keeps his look simple and versatile. Perhaps that is what makes his style so dynamic. He sources high and low end (Chanel and H+M), and re-imagines his clothing for each outfit. His wardrobe is a great reminder that it is totally acceptable to hone your style to a succinct statement. Sometimes we seem to be told that we have to be able to exist in many styles. As a result, our wardrobe ends up being an un-usable mix of clothing that does not even represent our own tastes. But Blake knows what he likes, keeps it simple, and rocks it. Knowing your style will save you time and money, folks. Blake may be shopping on an Art Student budget- but the versatility of his choices helps him make the most of it. I am a huge fan of his style- black with more black or perhaps charcoal- helps you dress with ease and comfort whilst still looking runway-ready.

"Black is Poetic" - Blake Jacobson

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