Whenever I pack for a trip I realize something essential about my personal style. This past weekend I was in Chicago for a few days of shoots with Tandem Journal (more on this soon). The shoots are (ironically) for an editorial spread on packing. In my interviewing others on their packing style, I began to contemplate my own.

When I travel I like to play it safe. I don't bring my most fun pieces- I bring my most versatile. I want all of my clothes to work as well in the day as they do after dinner. I also want to be supremely comfortable and to look polished. so here is my secret for a travel wardrobe that is versatile, comfortable and polished: Monochrome.

I layer like a fiend- always in charcoal and black. I started with a few grey t-shirts, a black v-neck sweater, a few different cardigans, black jeans, and a few scarves. Variety enough for a change in temperature and location- yet similar enough that I could make many different combinations. That is how I travel. Not the most fun- but when you want to travel light, you have to make a few alterations. To brighten things up I carried a bright blue bag (vintage train case that several stylists mistook for a Marc Jacobs) and a bright red scarf. Black Frye harness boots were comfortable and versatile enough to work the entire weekend.

In the next few days I will be highlighting great monochromatic style including a few great looks from notorious monochrome Blake Jacobson and the latest designs from Jane Mow.

(photo credits: 1,2,3)