Introducing Jane Mow

It is a great honor to feature Jane Mow today on Culture Keeper. I cannot even exactly remember how we first met- but I remember the first time I saw her work. To say that I am impressed with what Jane Mow creates would be a fantastic understatement. I would wear every single garment she has designed. Her pieces are versitile- managing to be forward-thinking yet timeless. Jane has a great sense of style- a comfortable layered look which she regularly shares on her blog. In talking with Jane Mow one gets the impression that they are interacting with a real, accessible person. She is well-spoken and enthusiastic about her craft.

Jane recently answered a few pressing questions while giving us a preview of her collection:

What would you most like people to know about your clothing?

My clothing is wearable & comfortable; staple pieces that would never date. I have a preference for using 100% natural fibers in my collection because they tend to sit well against the body and are comfortable to wear.

What would you like them to know about you?

I am a stylist as well as a menswear designer. This so happens to be my day job that helps me fund my menswear line. After hours or on my days off, I am working on my menswear label, “janemow”.

How has your design work shaped you personally?

I believe Design is 10% about ideas and drawings. The rest of it comes down to problem solving. I feel as if I’ve personally developed in that way. I am more of a problem solver now than I use to be. I’ve developed quite a creative imagination and have the tendency to “think outside the square”.

What do you hope to achieve/accomplish?

My ultimate goal is to have quality menswear label that has a global presence.

Why black/charcoal?

It’s a personal preference to the way I design. I prefer not to be distracted by color or prints. I like garments to be timeless. For me, black is time-less and will never date.

How has your Nationality shaped your work?

I don’t think my nationality has influenced my work. I am Fijian and I moved to New Zealand with my family when I was 15. Over the years, I think I’ve been more influenced by my peers, my friends and especially my travels. In my 2nd year of study, doing my Bachelor of Design in Fashion, I had the opportunity to go on a student exchange to Amsterdam, Holland. This experience pushed my beliefs on menswear. Not only did I want to create directional menswear, I wanted to still keep its integrity and be wearable.

What are your future plans/ next steps?

The initial stages at the moment is promoting and getting people aware of the label. I think small steps are key, so I’m looking at releasing men’s accessories such as ties, bow ties, pocket squares in the next couple of months. My year’s plan is to focus on developing my graduate collection so I can be ready for actual production next winter.

Who do you have in mind when you design?

A male version of me! I tend to think “if I was a guy, what would be really useful in my wardrobe?” I tend to think like a stylist when I’m designing. Putting outfits together. Creating a working story, where garments are versatile and can be worn with any outfit within the collection. Whether you’re wearing a two-piece outfit or you have an outfit of 6 layers. It has to practical, wearable and versatile.

How can we get our hands on your fantastic garments???

They’re going to be available online next winter. I will definitely be emailing Culture Keeper as soon as the collection is up!


I highly recommend a visit to Jane's Website, as well as her Blog.
Stay tuned- cause there will definitely be more from JaneMow on Culture Keeper in the next few weeks.