Who is Calvin Walterhouse ?

Calvin Walterhouse is one of my dearest friends, and one of the most incredible people I know. Calvin, his wife Ama, and their wee son Salvador are currently living on the coast of Brazil- writing and adventuring. I could tell many stories about who he is, what he has experienced, and what he could potentially achieve- but honestly, I hope that he will tell those stories himself. He has a few articles in the works for Culture Keeper- so stay tuned.

Calvin is a kindred spirit, lover of poetry, and is the physical embodiment of adventure. Every aspect of his being challenges ideas and pushes toward truth. Calvin also has his own amazing style- which typically consists of a piece of fabric wrapped around his waist with no shirt. He cares deeply about people and social justice and good books and new experiences.

One day Calvin Walterhouse will change the world- and not in a "donate to our charity" sort of way. He will transform the way each of us think and act and live. This man has that potential. I am sure of it.