Two Views: Paris

One of the interesting things about Paris is that no two people have the same view of her. Perhaps that is true of any city, but you can feel it much more distinctly when people talk of Paris. I run into at least one person a week who wants to tell me of their day/week/semester here. Each story is different, each person feeling like they have experienced the true version. The beautiful thing is that there are so many versions to enjoy.

Recently two bloggers went to Paris. Each took beautiful photos. Each blogged. We are faced with two distictly different views of the same city. Lets compare, shall we?

First up: Park & Cube
A distinctly feminine look from a distinctly feminine blog. Her view is crisp and clear.

Next: Bright Bazaar
One of my favorite blogs ever- Bright Bazaar portrays a grittier vision, and gives a bit more of a masculine edge.