That Bobbi Graves

It is a rare occasion in life that one has the privilege of meeting someone as gracious and charming as Bobbi Graves. This New-England native is the epitome of kindness and decorum... in fact, she teaches seminars on protocol and deportment. Bobbi lives out her expertise. An afternoon in her home is likely to be spent drinking tea, lounging by the fire in a wing-back chair or watching BBC dramas. Among her other accomplishments Bobbi is the mother of Ashleigh Graves-Roesler and Mab Graves- (Culture Keeper favorites) her entire family is fantastic and quite accomplished.

In the coming weeks Bobbi will be contributing to Culture Keeper. I am excited to feature one of the most fantastic and creative people I know. You should follow her Blog- Tea 101.

(Bobbi is pictured above with her grandson Ransom, and her husband Jack- who can make just about anything.)