Six Things I Learned From Anna E. Cottrell

Anna E. Cottrell is the owner and creator of Tulip Louise, the beautiful blog I recommended to you a few days ago. This Arkansas native is currently the Fashion Week correspondent for Rue Magazine and is a phenomenal stylist. What I appreciate most about her blog is the glimpse it gives you into Anna's personal style. Her outfits are always amazing! So, let's take a look at Anna's style and see where she rocks it.

Here are six lessons we can learn from the outfits of Anna E. Cottrell:

1) Keep it modest
Notice how She is able to pull off this leopard print and red hot pencil skirt whilst still looking respectable? This is the outfit of a woman who is not giving away her secrets. If you want to dress boldly and look this phenomenal- keep it modest.

2) Be Brave!
Patterns, Prints, Sequins, etc. Anna experiments. You should too! You can tell that she has fun with her clothes. Of course brave does not mean foolish. Anna knows good style and invests in good pieces. Buy well, but have fun with the way you dress.

3) Keep it classy
This outfit is the perfect example. When you keep 90% of an outfit traditional, safe and classy- you can take risks with the rest and still end up looking like a star.

4) Know your shapes
A lot of Anna's outfits emphasise her legs. You should emphasize your best features too!

5) Contrast
Anna is fantastic in the contrast realm- actually that is what makes many of her outfits so amazing! I love that in this outfit she pairs a black leather jacket with something soft and feminine. You can do that too. Contrast can prevent your clothes from looking too "costume-y". A great reminder for people like me who tend to have many different extreme styles.

6) Variety
Anna does not just have one style- she experiments broadly and pulls from vintage. I dare say someone this adventurous would probably be a bit bored with one style. Perhaps it is time for you to branch out and try something new?

These images are from Anna's Blog which you should check out immediately.