Questions on Clothing and Spirituality

Throughout this month we will be discussing the spiritual significance of clothing. This discussion is, in reality, part of a much deeper discussion regarding the spiritual significance of all inanimate things- but I want to focus on clothing. Culture Keeper is not a blog about spirituality, nor is it an academic rant- but it is however dedicated to getting deep down at the roots of what we wear and why we wear it.

The Time for clothing yourself thoughtlessly is over. We are now in an age that demands of us all accountability for what we consume. This leads us into an even greater realm of discussion: the holistic idea that our spirituality is necessarily connected to the realms of social justice and the environment. Somehow what we put on each day is connected to the hands that made it and the mind that envisioned it, and the ground from which it grew.

Every day we select garments to put very close to our bodies- garments that we own for years. We wear clothing as a part of our existence, reflecting a bit of our inner world and belying our deepest beliefs.

In a few days Zach Stone will be writing about "Ownership and Memory". He shares great insight into the human experience and our spiritual connection to what we wear. Perhaps you have some insight too- some idea of how "what we wear" is connected to the deeper realm of "who we are". If so we would welcome any illumination.

What are your thoughts? let me know:

(image source: Michael Newsted)